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History repeats itself?

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I generally don't get involved in politics, so I'll keep this short:




Is it just me, or does this seem familiar? Maybe there's a reason that wouldn't be a good idea...I wonder what it could be...


Hmmm...arming and training foreign militias...again...

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werent militias fighting russians in the middle east basically the foundation for the current terrorist networks?...i mean Osama was trained by americans

Yep. The CIA provided money, training, and weapons (including Stinger surface to air missile launchers) to the militias in afghanistan to fight the Russians.


They also played a part in putting Saddam Hussein into power, I believe...

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well a president is only a president for at most 8 years...maybe thats why the canadian gov makes less of an international stink?..perhaps the fact they can stay in office as long as they want allows them look further ahead?


who knows?

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history repeats again... as they did some years ago supporting militias in South America to ovethrow legitimate democratic regimes which didnt follow the Americans' point of view... sad but true...

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that applies to Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden... both (specially the second one, as can be seen in M.Moore's movie) were Bush' and Bush's father's friends when they were "useful" for them... and now they are their enemies... ironic...

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