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Fs: Mgb Cds

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I have a collection of MGB cds, most are from the Beautiful Midnight era. Ideally I'd like to sell them all as a single lot.


Any interest?


MGB Hello time bomb single from Germany - this cd has 5 songs on it though - Hello time bomb, everything is automatic, flashdance II, enjoy the silence and fated. CD has pretty nice artwork


I have 3 sealed copies of "The Audio of being" - the limited release with the booklet. They were released three different colors, I have one of each - black, white and silver


Load me up cd single (I believe from Germany)


I have a sealed copy of the promo version of Beautiful Midnight that comes in a cd single case with lightning on the front and the release date on it "09.14.99"


I have 7 copies of the Hello Time Bomb german single in cd single cases


I have 4 promo copies of Beautiful Midnight that have a generic blue cover and say "for promotional use only" on the cover


I have one copy of Beautiful Midnight that has the standard cover with the parental warning on it


I have another Hello time bomb cd single thats in a regular cd case, plain white cover to it


I have a sealed promo copy of Beautiful Midnight thats packaged in a cardboard sleeve


I have one Beautiful midnight full cd thats from Germany with the German artwork - was made in the EU


I have 2 copies of the Vancouver Seeds #9 cd - this is the cd that has Euphony on it

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Found someone who wanted them all and made them a package offer, they accepted.


My collection was much larger then that, but I sold off tons of stuff a few years back, including my Euphony tapes ;)

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