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Do you watch any reality TV?  

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  1. 1. Do you watch any reality TV?

    • Of Course. It's my reason for living.
    • Yes. I admit, I like them.
    • Eh, I'm indifferent.
    • If there isn't anything else on.
    • No. It can't be real with a camera around.
    • Boo! Hiss!

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So, do you watch reality TV? Even just one or two shows? Have you given in to the hype?


I admit it myself, I watch some of them. My favourites right now are Canadian Idol (Jacob Hoggard, be still my heart), Amish in the City, and Growing Up Gotti. Aye me.

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If there is nothing else on then i like to watch so i can laugh and make fun of all the idiots.



Although the only reality show i watch religiously is the Apprentice! But other then that...they all suck and they are taking up all the good air time!

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If there is nothing else on then I watch. Which is almost never.


I watched The Apprentice, I love it. Dr. Phil is a talk show but here I'll consider it reality, I love that one too. I watched American Idol the first season but not since...

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I hate reality tv more than those people who handed out toothbrushes on Halloween when I was a kid.


you are my hero, those people sucked, followed closely by penny folk


and i detest reality TV...the idols...the fear factors...the bachelors (the littlest groom GAG!)


however i will admit, every little while an intelligent idea will come along and i will watch it, EX: the apprentice, the first season of the MOLE, that murder in small town X


and if junkyard wars, monster garage, american chopper and other documentaries are reality TV, than i guess i watch a lot...or if sports are...than i watch a lot too...

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Yes, Junkyard Wars was a great show...except for the recent seasons, with that obnoxious American host. Ahh, the good old days when it was in the UK.


I voted Boo! Hiss! Because reality shows are stupid and evil.


And Dr Phil is horrible. He's so disrespectful and judgemental, the opposite of what a good psychiatrist should be.

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