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The Village

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i agree...i havent seen signs...but the village was mis-advertised...it had some very cool elements to it...and did manage to be creepy for a while...but overall it wasnt a monster movie...



and unbreakable ws awesome...!

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I saw The Village last night and it was the worst movie i'd seen all day!! I was horribly disapointed. I was expecting alot of tense moments and scenes that make you jump (like Signs) but i got nothing out of it. I wont go into much more because it seems like others still want to see it and i dont want to spoil this bad movie for them.


I thought i should add that i dont get impressed easily by movies and no one ever seems to agree with my reviews. ;)

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i finally went to watch the movie... shit shit shit... what a waste of money, what a terrible movie, didnt like it AT ALL, people were complaining about it because it was as if the director was cheating us!!!


I recommend you NOT to go watch it if you dont wanna lose your money and get out of the movie theater completely angry for such a bad bad bad movie...

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