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wlrrr review

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After listening to the White Light Rock & Roll Review for a few hours in Victoria it came to me that I really only liked six of the songs. Sure the others aren't bad but mostly they were mediocre. The whole country vibe wasn't really floating my boat either.


Of the thirteen songs on the disc I felt that most of the tracks weren't as meaningful as I would have expected. Blue Skies, Ex-pats, and It's Been a While were pretty much the only "deep" songs per se. While the others felt a bit "poppy". They were upbeat but not enough to elicit anything. They were bland. This disappoints me a bit but I guess I was just expecting a little too much. I know he's trying to expand on his music and experiment but I don't like where WLR&RR went.


Basically this is what I think:


It's Been A While Since I was your Man - Great song, invokes a lot of emotion.

Poor Man's Grey - A good tune, like the message he's giving.

Alert Status Red - My opinion on this track is a bit mixed. I liked the lyrics but it was a little too rockabilly.

Put Out Your Lights - Sounds a lot like shit ;) I kid! It's just kind of pointless.

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - Best track on the album. It's mellow, deep, and dark.

Little Terror - A good song but what is it really about?

Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra - Another good song. I have nothing to say about this one.

North American for Life - Another so, so song. Nice tune but would have been better if it were more Carmelina. Lower chords maybe? The lyrics are good though.

Empty Road - I just don't like the rockabilly though again good lyrics.

We're So Heavy - An overall good song. Reminded me of some of his older work.

In Love with a Bad Idea - Don't like this one too much either.

Buffalo Seven - Jibberish.

Hopeless (Hidden/Bonus Track) - This is perhaps the only rockabilly song I like.


I was really hoping for another Avalanche (album) but instead I got an EP. I can't wait to buy the next album, Big City Life is a bit more of what I was looking for.

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It's been a While Since I was your Man - I love this song. It shows his strong emotion towards his one and only.

Poor Man's Grey - This song makes me what to get up and dance!

Alerts Status Red - I love the lyrics. It's a bit over played but that’s okay.


Put Out Your Lights - My dad loves this song.

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - I loved this song live at the EX last year. I love the mood to it. It shows that Matt still has his moody side to him.

Little Terror - This song also makes me want to dance.

Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra - I love the way he sings things song and how he ends it with a really high beautiful note.

North American for Life - This song makes me want to head bang. I don’t know why but it gets me up and into a good mood

Empty Road - A very relaxing song. It was a bit of a shock to me but I eventually grew to love it.

We're So Heavy - This song is probably the best on the album

In Love with a Bad Idea - Again, another great song with his opinion grounded into the lyrics.

Buffalo Seven -Another song that makes me feel like dancing and saying yeah! What’s buffalo seven? WHO CARES ITS A GREAT SONG.*dances*

Hopeless (Hidden/Bonus Track) - This song reminds me of my grandmother and hanging out at her house. It’s almost got a 50ish tune to it.

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Personally, I love the album. The only songs I don't like are

Buffalo Seven & North American for Life. Otherwise, I'm a happy camper. I even managed to convert my wife as a fan with this album. That was no easy task, considering she hates rock.


Yes, I'm just THAT good.

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I really liked the album a lot, although not as much as Beautiful Midnight. Everything from Underdogs to Avalanche has a real flow to it, and that what seems to be lacking here. The best song is either 'Little Terror' or Ex-pats'.


Put Out Your Lights - Weakest song he's done in a while, I think, and the poorest track on the album.

Poor Man's Grey - Great, energetic song. Not his best lyrics, but clever nonetheless.

We're So Heavy - At first I didn't like this song, but it grew on me as I listened to the lyrics more.

Empty Road - Excellent, and different. Far better live with a full band. I like the lyrics on this and the alt-country style is really neat.

Alert Status Red - Another energetic track. Lyrics are good, too. Good solo and upbeat music.

Little Terror - I love the way the music sounds frantic and urgent, heavy on the wah, which is something I haven't heard much of these days.

In Love With A Bad Idea - I love this one live. When I hear it, it reminds me of my science teacher and how he used to annoy the Paris Hilton-types in my class.

North American For Life - Fast and furious. Totally awesome.

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - This song plods a little bit, and I was surprised at how well it played at the concert. Some of his best lyrics are on this song.

It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man - So so. Not that great, but definitly two steps above most sappy love songs i've heard in the past few years. I wouldn't have picked this for the next single.

Buffalo Seven - I like the music to this, and the lyrics are excellent, too. Quality Matthew Good all around.

Ex-pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra - My favourite song on the album. The range of Matt's voice is showed off quite well. The lyrics are cool, and the homage to the Who really works well.

Hopeless - Just a fun song to listen to.


I don't own an album where there isn't at least one song I don't like, and this one is no different. Totally kickass live ;)

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Put Out Your Lights - Pretty good.

Poor Man's Grey - Decent!

We're So Heavy - Like it.

Empty Road - Good from an artistic standpoint, but it's a little too country. Still ok.

Alert Status Red - Meaningful or not, I love it!

Little Terror - Good...the backup singing is unusual and somewhat refreshing.

In Love With A Bad Idea - Love it! Very energetic and I like the lyrics.

North American For Life - Like it. Upbeat, kick-your-ass kinda sound.

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - It's good if I'm not listening too hard. One of those things where it really builds up toa climax near the end.

It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man - It's ok, I guess, but I don't think it's cut out as the radio single they're making of it.

Buffalo Seven - Very good.

Ex-pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra - Pretty good.

Hopeless - It's more funny than it is good.

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My dad loves it. He kept on making me put it in the CD player when we were at my cottage for a month. I started to get sick of put out your lights and watching him do his little air guitar things.

It’s really disturbing to see a parent who’s usually grumpy and aggravated, dancing around to your favorite singer.

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I didn't hate the album when i first listened to it, but i didn't find it too exciting. The reason for this i think is because i had previously heard at least half the album way before it was released. I can't say i was disappointed just not really excited like i am for an entirely new record. But overall it is a good album.


Put out your lights - okay

Poor man's grey - okay

We're so heavy - one of my fav's. I love the mood changes with in the song. Contains the best lyric on the album "how can you love Jove, Drusilla, and for sake Rome"

Empty Road - good

Alert Status Red - Hated it, then liked it then hated it again, and now i like it.

Little Terror - good

In love with a bad idea - better then okay but not better than good

North American For Life - okay

Blue Skies Over badlands - one of my fav's.

It's been awhile - I like it better now then i used to.

Buffalo Seven - good

Ex-Pats - good

Hopeless - better than okay but not better than good

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I really like the album... it took a while to grow on me, but it finally did... still don't like the country-like songs in the album, not my kinda music and don't like them... but in general, i love the lyrics - as always -, i love Matt's voice - as always - and the guitar solos a lot

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Put Out Your Lights - sounds alot like a tune a garage band would play... not the best opening song ever i don't think, but still catchy enough..

Poor Man's Grey - good song, i like the guitar solos in this one

We're So Heavy - initially wasn't a fan of this but its grown on me.. i like when it changes completely near the end

Empty Road - very inventive i applaud mg for trying something new, this is one of my faves on white light... but i agree it sounds far better live - an electic guitar replaces the steel one...

Alert Status Red - gooooood choice for a single, easy to remember lyrics, still not sick of it even with all the airplay it gets

Little Terror - can't say this is one of my favorites, its not bad though... i do really like "motherrrrrrrrrrr, your son..." part

In Love With A Bad Idea - great song, its really catchy, should have been single #2

North American For Life - reminds me of 21st century living for some reason... seems to me that the way its mixed its toooo heavy on the treble side....

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands - meh... most of the song is a snooze fest to me... the lyrics are powerful, yes, but it just doesn't turn my crank. when it finally does get going, its over. wtf mates. i'd say its good for relaxation purposes

It's Been A While - sounds like a pretty standard mid tempo ballad to me. nothing special

Buffalo Seven - i like the guitar lick thats used, and yeah the song in general too. would be another good single to pick.

Ex-Pats - i like the who tribute chord progression, yessir its a good tune

Hopeless - yeeee hawwwww pardner, very very very very different for mg, but i like it... must be cuz i live in cowtown...

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I listened to it continuously for a few weeks, but it's definitely not my favourite of his CDs. What I don't like is how the music hides his voice in a lot of the songs, with the instruments overpowering his singing. The lyrics were also hard to decipher, I had to go to the net.


Not that I don't like it of course.

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I think it's a good album. A second "Avalanche" would have been boring. It's good and raw and I hope that each album is this different from the last. It'll keep things interesting. There's nothing worse than a band that keeps putting out the same album year after year, like the last 3 from The Hip for example.

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I agree with pretty much most of you. I, however, think that "We're so heavy" is the best song on the album. I can't figure Buffalo Seven out. I thought it was about those terrorists they found in Buffalo, but no. That's the Lackawanna Six. Not the Buffalo Seven.

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It's interesting to see a song-by-song review. Personally, I don't like Ex-Pats. I first heard it live and was blown away because it sounded fantastic and so much like Won't Get Fooled Again. But on the CD it loses a great deal. (Just like Won't Get Fooled Again -- I loved it live but always skip it when I'm listening to Who's Next.) I actually prefer Hopeless, and force myself to listen to Ex-Pats so that I can hear it. For the entire CD, my faves are Blue Skies Over Badlands, Empty Road and Buffalo Seven (probably in that order, though it depends on my mood), but I don't skip over any songs except Ex-Pats.

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Okay, I guess I'll do my song by song review:


1.Put Out Your Lights-A good song. Short and not very lyrically deep but a good way to start off the album because it grabs the listener's attention.

2.Poor Man's Grey- A good song. Very catchy.

3.We're So Heavy-An excellent song. Reminiscent of MGB days.

4.Empty Road-Great song. Different with good lyrics.

5.Alert Status Red-Great song. Perfect choice for the first single. Catchy with meaningful lyrics.

6.Little Terror-Good song. I really like the drum intro.

7.In Love With A Bad Idea-A great song. Another catchy song with good lyrics.

8.North American For Life-Good song. It was better live.

9.Blue Skies Over Badlands-An excellent song. I love the way it builds. Superb lyrics. One of my all-time favourites.

10.It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man-Great song. He doesn't write many love songs, but when he does they're awesome.

11.Buffalo Seven-Same as Poor Man's Grey.

12.Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra-Same as In Love With A Bad Idea.

Hopeless-A good song. Didn't know what to make of it at first but it's a fun song.

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Well, I don't post much but this Album is so good!


1. Put Out Your Lights: Unfortunately, gets on my nerves, at least it's only 2 minutes long. Has its moments though.

2. Poor Man's Grey: Very nice lyrically, musically it's lacking, sounds the same all the way through.

3. We're So Heavy: Now we're getting somewhere! Love the lyrics and the sound is great, especially the ending about Jove and Druscilla.

4. Empty Road: I fell in love with this song as soon as the video was released on MG's website, it's so unique and shows another side to Matt.

5. Alert Status Red: Great choice for the first single, It makes me play air guitar when I hear it on the bus. Heh.

6. Little Terror: I liked the drum intro, but I got bored with this one.

7. In Love With a Bad Idea: Ok this is nice, a little catchy but I usually skip it.

8. North American For Life: Always skip this one, it annoys me for some reason, probably the repetitiveness.

9. Blue Skies: Hell yes. This is what it's all about really, I love songs that build up, personally I woulda liked it to go even further after the last solo, live was fantastic!

10. It's Been A While: I never woulda thought this was going to be the next single, maybe matt's just trying to show his other side to the public..

11. Buffalo Seven: What the heck is a Buffalo Seven? Oh well, it's catchy, I coulda seen this one being the second single.. I'm not a big fan of singles.

12. Expats: Who knew Matt could do this with his voice!? No wonder he doesn't play it much live! I love when people use their voices so effectively, it's rare.

13. Hopeless: I'm pretty sure this is just supposed to be a fun song! It's my girlfriend's fave on the Album.. I dunno what's so bad about using the Pedal Steel, you guys all seem so... anti-pedalsteel, that twangy thing ;) So it sounds a little countryish, it could be worse, there could be country lyrics, and country nasal vocals! I admire Matt all the more for exploring other musical venues and broadening himself so much. Overall, it's all good.


Don't forget Can't Get Shot is probably better than most of the songs on this album, and Dusk is pretty good too! Wonder why they were tossed. Oh well.

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Welcome to six months ago.


It's my least favorite MG/B album, although I still <3 it.


Put Out Your Lights and Poor Man's Grey are le suck.


We're So Heavy is different and good.




Alert Status Red - I like it. *handclappy*


Little Terror - can't seem to get into this song, kinda boring.


In Love With a Bad Idea - the chorus is kinda annoying, I liked it better as a poem, he should've kept the title.


North American For Life - Pretty terrible. I like the solo. *hangs head in shame*


It's Been Awhile - So fucking corny. *barf* I like one of the verses.


Buffalo Seven - Not a fan of the chorus, but the rest is pretty fucking good.


Ex-Pats - I liked it better when The Who played it.


Hopeless - is my happy song.

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