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the jack and merle show

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Like I said on the metro..


it sounds to me that it has more to do with his relationship with the record label, than with fans. I could be wrong of course. The way the skit was laid out though...that's what I took away from it.

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Jack= Matt Good

Merle= Rod Bruno (matt's friend)


that's been established now.


As for the whole registering Merle thing, I don't know. Anyone could've heard the audio recording and registered here. Who knows.

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so what's the story.


is merle his best friend or this rod guy...


he mentioned merle in his blog. check my above post for it.

Okay, it's a really long story that Matt explained a long time ago. So I'll just clear up the confusion.


Rod Bruno is Merle

Matt Good is Jack


Merle (Rod) is Matt's best friend, or so Matt has stated.



I'm very sleepy and don't feel much like explaining. Haha.

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