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Newbie Request

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Hey there,


I'm new to the NF.com community. I recently joined the underdogs community on livejournal and everyone seems to refer to this website, so I figured I ought to come here and check out the hype. And I'm pretty damn impressed.. although I've been told I get impressed too easily.


On another (much more smaller) message board, I had an MG tournament in March, during March Madness in the USA. What I did was take 80 MG songs *this was before ASR and PoYL were released on the web* and pitted them against each other until we had one winner. Since that only had about 10-15 people participate it wasnt as fun as possibly doing it here where there are so many more.


So if an admin or mod could let me know if that idea is considered okay (I read the rules and I feel it should be okay.. but I just wanted to double check.)




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not like survivor.. that was another user's neat little idea. (sorta like combat zone.. like when they used to do combat zone tournaments on the weekends)


what i had previous to his survivor idea was this:


100 songs paired off randomly to face off and the winners go on... 100 then 50 then 25 (then i'll group those 25 into five group of 5.. and we vote off the weakest track.. because there might be some songs that make it there that got there only because they had easy opponents) then we'd be down to 20 then 10 then 5 (then do 1 more vote off) then 4 then 2 then 1.


Here's a mini example using 8 songs (with the bolds considered the winners)

Round 1:

Alert Status Redvs Rico

Symbolistic White Walls vs Prime Time Deliverance

Suburbia vs Born To Kill

Tripoli vs 21st Century Living


Then the 4 winners randomly are paired off:

Round 2:

Alert Status Red vs Suburbia

Tripoli vs Prime Time Deliverance


Then those winners face off:

Round 3:

Suburbia vs PTD


But of course it will have a heck of a lot more songs than this example.. almost 100. Does that make sense??

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