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Back to the Future

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This thread was inspired by an MSN conversation with Anna (lcpja) about one of the greatest trilogies ever. Who here adores Back to the Future as much as we do? come on. We know you're out there.

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Tim, that is so awesome that you started this thread.


I was telling him on MSN that i used to do air guitar solo during the Johnny B Good scene. (oh come on admit it...you all did too)

I've seen those movies so many times that i know most of the dialogue. I never get sick of it!


Every kid my age wanted the hover board!


I love all three movies but i'm going to have to go with the original that started it all for my favourite.

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i guess they are alright...they arent my favourite movies though...

that being said i have seen them again and again and again and again...etc...


and an australian inventer has actually made a hover board...the original prototype could go 70kph...but the actual sale model can only go 40 or 50 (cant remeber)...and this vehicle uses accelerated air to create a frictionless cushion...and before you say im full of shit they were at the sydney olympics at the opening....ill try to find a pic...


huzzah! pay dirt!!!



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Back to the Future is probably my favorite movie! Me and a couple of my buddies quote so many lines from it! As for the trilogy... i think the dvd box set is awesome! There are so many extras on it, its great! Go buy it if you dont have it. And if you dont have a dvd player, buy one, then buy the box set!

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I enjoy BttFII the most. Basically because you started seeing some really crazy stuff near the end, when Marty is infiltrating on his own infiltration of his parent's prom nite. As a kid, I couldn't believe what was going on and was thoroughly amazed at how they tied it all together.

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I liked the second one the best as well. I mean it had everything, the future, alternate timelines, back to the past, everything. And I like the first one because it's just classic. The third one, while still good, is easily my least favourite. It kind of broke away from the format of the other two because it was almost entirely in the old west and didn't deal with as much time travel. But it was still awesome. ;)

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