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the fine art of falling apart

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I agree that this song is beautiful because of its simplicity. Just Matt's voice and a guitar and the raw emotion in his voice just gets me everytime. I once read a quote from Matt talking about this song. He said something about how he went in and just did it and he was "flat all over it" but that's just the way it is. The fact that the song isn't perfect, makes it perfect. Know what I mean?

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Sorry...we had 2 copies sitting on the shelf f o r e v e r....I had mine the day it came out and never thought of picking the other 2 up....curses. Someone came in and bought them both. On a side note, they're all numbered to something like _ of __ ___ ( i think it was pressed 35,000 times ) and mine is number 7. oooooooooooooh, crazy.......not really.

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