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World In Conflict

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Gigantic Screenshot


Basically, Cold War breaks out into a land war in europe in the late 80s. Soviets mount a surprise invasion of Seattle. Fast-paced, reinforcement-based RTS (no corny base-building here) with actual military equipment from the era. The game plays like a movie with, oddly enough, character development in cut scenes between missions. Narrated by Alec Baldwin. Not all that long, but very very good. Patriotic right down to the 80s rock and roll in several parts, but given the culture at the time, it fits.


Go play it now.

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Operating System Microsoft Windows XP/Vista

Processor 2.0 GHz Or Higher, 2.2 GHz For Vista, if dual-core: Any Intel or AMD

RAM 512MB, 1GB for Vista

Disc drive DVD-drive

Hard drive 8GB or more

Video Card 128MB video RAM Direct X 9.0c Compatible

Sound Card Direct X 9.0c Compatible

Internet connection Cable, DSL or Better


I guess I can run it? Maybe not since I use an onboard videocard.

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it's also coming out for the 360, don't know if it well translate well, but the game does look awesome

I've never been a huge RTS fan, but from what I've played, RTS games are dicy on consoles. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Command and Conquer 3 were not bad for console RTS games, and Tom Clancy's Endwar is supposed to be excellent with it's voice activated commands, but then again, you get a game like Supreme Commander which scored very well for the PC version, but the translation to console was apparently a buggy mess. The biggest gripe of course, is the console controller and it not having the precision or speed of a mouse. World in Conflict is a game I would like to play at some point though.

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It has largely rekindled by love for military jargon, though it is still somewhat dumbed-down...I'm pleased that they didn't explain every single term or acronym that the layman may not know. Hearing things like "CAS sorties", "danger close" and "blue-on-blue situation" undiluted by explanation fill my greyish heart with joy.

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