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RNC Drinking Game

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If for some reason you should happen to find yourself watching the Republican National Convention over the next few days, why not get something out of it as well? Like a hangover?


Here's how it goes:


1) Everytime a speaker directly insults Michael Moore, 1 drink


2) Everytime a speaker indirectly insults Michael Moore, 1 drink


3) Evertime John Kerry is called a "flip-flopper", 2 drinks


4) Everytime Bush is praised by veterans, 2 drinks


5) Whenever a speaker tells about how well the economy is doing, 2 drinks


6) Whenever a speaker talks about Bush's "family values", 3 drinks


7) Whenever the "superb hamdling of the Iraq War" is mentioned, 3 drinks


8) Whenever Bush's "courage and resolve" is praised, 4 drinks.


9) Whenever a speaker says that "America is safer", 4 drinks


10) When Bush is compared to great leaders of the past like Churchill, Lincoln, or Atilla the Hun, 5 drinks


11) Whenever September 11 is mentioned, drink your age.

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what about everytime bush gets an ovation?



on another noe, during the stae of the union addresse you can play the ovation drinking game...everytime one party stands 1 shot...everytime both parties stand 2 drinks...

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