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Republican Convention uses 9/11 for political gain

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What a coincidence that the Republican Convention is being held in NYC, home of the WTC crisis that was Bush's shining moment. Then Rudy Guliani hops onto the Republican stage and makes a speech praising Bush and his 9/11 heroics, while a huge backdrop of the NYC skyline hangs behind him.


Thats kinda sickening, don't you think? Trying to use 9/11 and the WTC to gain votes and a political upper-hand? Yet nobody in the media is talking about this.



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they use the dead in 9/11 to win the elections... so sad, full of hipocresy... and they use the "supposed" democracies in Afghanistan and Irak in their tv commercials!!! How can they dare to do this? They have invaded and destroyed those two countries (among many others they have in their history) for oil and money reasons and they use them JUST to win the elections...


how can they be such despicable people!!!!



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Did anyone see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart's Stephen Colbert's skit on why the RNC came to New York? Stephen Colbert said the Republicans are exploiting the NY firefighters, WTC, and 9/11 without saying it. What he did was go to "tourist attractions" conviently near famous Fire departments involved in the rescues of building occupants.

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