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Anybody see any great concerts recently?


Personally, over the course of the past two months, I've seen Sam Roberts, 54-40, Royal Wood, and the Trews. All were good, but I must say that the Trews put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. ;)


http://www.flickr.com/photos/missemilyjane...57603874200466/ <--Photos are there.

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I saw the Smashing Pumpkins on November 6th at the United Palace Theater in New York. The venue was really amazing (a church during the week). I don't care what anybody says about the new SP lineup or the setlists or 20 minute covers of Pink Floyd, the new Pumpkins can rock the house down and Ginger and Jeff are pretty much just as good as D'arcy and James Iha anyway. Blasphemy I know.


Just seeing Jimmy Chamberlin drum in person is something to behold. He's so awesome. I can't wait until the next tour. I know they will be playing a lot more new songs next time around, but I like a lot of the new stuff they've put out lately so I'm looking forward to it.

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My two most recent were Ryan Adams and the Cardinals in early November and Stereophonics again, mid-December. First time I'd seen Ryan so it was pretty special, although I'd have liked to hear more of his solo-work and his setlist was one of the shortest, if not THE shortest of the tour. The venue was really peculiar too.


I did have a ticket for The Music who were playing my local Town Hall in October but stupidly missed it (still fucking gutted about it to this day !).


Hopefully Blur will book a concert 'oop North soon, cos I can't be fucked travelling to London again, not even to see them re-unite.

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saw city & colour (in buffalo) tonight. the opener (william eliot whitmore) was absolutely fantastic. spoke to my soul, and i don't use that term lightly.


then mr. dallas green came on and was amazing. i expected a really acoustic show, but he did a lot of the songs with a full band and electric guitars, in an old school country-rock-ish style. reminded me of the old MG lineup featuring matt, christian, rich, and pat... but with less flashy guitar/drums. one of my top 3 shows. evar.

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