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What Videogame(s) Are You Playing Right Now?

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I just bought a whole bunch of games from Amazon for $10, you need to put a US address though but your Canadian credit card still works.


1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition [Download]

2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link DLC [Download]

3. Hitman: Blood Money [Online Game Code]

4. Just Cause 2 [Download]

5. Just Cause [Online Game Code]

6. Quantum Conundrum [Download]

7. Supreme Commander 2 [Download]

8. The Last Remnant [Online Game Code]


You can activate them on Steam or download through Amazon.


Absolutely Great Square Pack

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I'd probably get it just for Just Cause 2 and Quantum Conundrum. Played Blood Money on 360 when it first came out, and wasn't a fan of Deus Ex. Not interested in the other games. But still, that's a pretty rad deal.


Still playing much Borderlands 2. Finished the story with a commando, about 2/3 the way through with a Siren and there's DLC coming out this week. I also have an idea about how I'm going to spec my assassin class even though I have no idea when I'll start that.


Also, slowly leveling my shaman in WoW to 90. Very slowly.

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Addicted to Skyrim like a madman.


Still playing Skyrim. Getting somewhat bored.


Want to play Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed 3 this fall.


I also want a Matthew Good video game. Not like Guitar Hero, but like where I get to walk around smoking cigarettes and ride horses and divorce blonde sluts n shit.

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I definitely think it's worth the 10 bucks, but with Christmas nearing, Steam will have their winter sale, so you'll probably see it for cheaper then. I really like it- today was the first time I played it and I looked at the time, looked at the game, looked at the time again and somehow 2 hours had passed, so it can really suck you in.

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I tried heavy rain a couple weeks ago. That was kind of weird and I think my partners friends were judging me by what I did in the game. Lets just say, one of my kids died because he was a retard and ran away from me in the mall. So my wife left me and I ended up in some ghetto apt with my younger son. PLus I didn't feed my kid until he finished his homework. I tried to feed him cold pizza and the game wouldn't let me. Who the hell doesn't like cold pizza!? . I blame it on my lack of understanding of the ps3 controller since I am an old school gamer.

Also, portal was pretty fun too.

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Rob bought an Xbox 360 so I bought Raymen Origins. Pretty classic left to right kind of game plus the characters are funny to look at. I don't like the final levels so I probably wont finish it.

Halo 4 is okay but I think I like the other ones more. Not much of a fan playing it on my own since the monsters are scary.

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