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Obamas Playlist

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CBC Radio 2 is running a "contest" to find the best 49 songs from north of the 49th to be put on Obamas Playlist. The music should be Canadian, and represent Canada.


So far, there is no Matt Good on the list, which I think needs to be fixed.


The webpage is here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/obamasplaylist/index.html


And you email your nomination to: obamasplaylist AT cbc.ca



I'm not sure which song to nominate right now - I am inclined towards Avalanche.


The nominations are only open until Friday - get moving!



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Well Leonard Cohen and Rush do...I agree on Nickelback though, and I actually like a few of their songs...but I don't consider them of any real consequence. Alive by Edwin should be on there though.



I pointed out two greats and I also pointed out Nickelback. You missed the point.


Personally, I could care less what the "leader of the free world" has on his MP3 Player, but if one Matt Good song were to end out on it I'd want it to be Hello Time Bomb. Because the title is the perfect greeting to his presidency.

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"Matthew Good Band - In A World Called Catastrophe "

that is on the list. am I the only one who gets pissed off when Matt Good songs are listed as MGB songs? My schools radio station has 7 or 8 MG or MGB songs and 5 of them are mislabled as being by MGB instead of MG

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I don't think that list is necessary official. I actually submitted a few songs to this poll and one of them got picked for air. They played my suggestion of Everything You've Done Wrong by Sloan a couple of nights ago. Yeah, it's kind of a corny suggestion, but it's still fun to know my name was announced on cross country radio. ;)


PS: Hyphnip, your avatar is fucking brilliant.

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