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Mg Studio Songs Vs. Live Mg Songs

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So I was listening to Weapon earlier today in my room and it got me thinking about the drumming in Matt's solo albums. Looking at Pat Steward's live work vs. his studio work I was always a little disappointed because it seemed like his studio work was...I suppose dumbed down is the wrong word but... at least muted down or simplified when it came to the studio versions of songs- Champions of Nothing and A Single Explosion being prime examples.


Then, that got me thinking about Matt's entire live sound. I remember when I first started hearing live bootlegs of his first couple tours promoting Avalanche between 2002 and 2004 and how much stronger the structure of the songs and instrument arrangements overall were imo compared to even the album versions that I thought were a bit weaker (Long Way Down, Near Fantastica) along with the already well written ones (Pledge, House of Smoke and Mirrors). The same went for even older songs from the MGB era like Giant and Symbolistic White Walls during that time period and even when he started touring WLRRR (see Blue Skies and We're so Heavy) although admittedly I know he was going for a more stripped down sound on that record.


Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same way- that Matt's live work is somewhat superior to his studio work both in instrument arrangement and at times song structures. Or am I just on crack and unable to understand what I'm talking about...

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i think pat's drumming certainly has a lot more flair live. i remember hearing avalanche and WLRRR, then seeing Matt and them live- and just being blown away by how awesome a drummer he is. i think the thing to keep in mind is that we're talking about two different environments, and perhaps two different types of atmospheres Matt wants to create.


as far as comparing the two, it's hard for me. because there are aspects of both that appeal to me. there's something magical about the jams at the end of Giant when it's live. but then you look at a song like Advertising On Police Cars; which i think comes across better on the album.


song structure-wise, i feel the same way. i think live versions tend to go closer to the tried-and-true rock formula, relying on the musicianship of the players. and studio versions let Matt create atmospheres and feelings that might not be easy to convey live. just my two cents.

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It's definitely hard to judge. The albums to me are something I've lived with, live are usually some other experience entirely.

But for what it's worth, I do remember that the most recent "full band" tour was a pleasure all in all but slightly disappointing. The Avalanche-Coma band were the best MG live incarnation ever, mainly because of how loose they were with established songs. They presented nearly every song, be it new or old, in a completely different light than the studio versions (pledge, load me up/generation x-wing, and the future is x-rated are particular stand outs). I have bootlegs from those tours but it's a damn shame we'll never hear those versions properly recorded.

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