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Mg Social Action Song

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I would definitely go for Blue Skies.... but I may be a little biased because I am getting my Blue Skies- inspired tattoo next week. I find that this song not only addresses a problem in society, but also gives a solution in that people should try to understand the perspective of other people/cultural group and how it could lead to a better world for everyone to live in. For me the song calls for cultural relativism and the end to a colonial mindset. Hope your assignment goes well!

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These are all great suggestions.....originally I was torn between: if I was a tidal wave, alert status red, black helicopter, can't get shot, 21st century living, and blue skies so I thought I would ask for some suggestions....not for people to do my homework for me ;) anyways I was leaning more toward 21st cent living since I completely love that song or blue skies and since I can

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i once read one of his manifestoes (it was this one) for a voice-over assignment for this sound design class i was taking. the professor "got" the statement i was trying to make, but kept using the words "heavy handed." like "it seemed a bit heavy handed." well shit, isn't life heavy handed?


anyway, good luck on your assignment!

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