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Obama To Become 44th President Today

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Joy, Jubilation, Triumph!!!!


I keep hearing, black man this, and black man that... He's everyone's president. He came from the same places and struggles that we all did...he was not a priviledged child, he had to work his way forward. To everyone who will listen, white, black, purple, yellow, man, woman...if he can do it...so can you. It's about how bad you want something, not the reasons you cannot have it.

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just think. ten years from now, laura bush is going to throw her shoe at her hubby.


and a nostalgic tear will creep down his cheek.


remembering those days when he was ruining the country. good times.

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Then we all move to Canada.


Personally, I was greatly impressed with the speech. The religious stuff was actually well utilized. I admit for all the hype about the minister, I was glad he kept it straight forward. As for the content of Obama's speech, it was impressive because there was no sugarcoating. It was straightforward, and his references to the previous administration's mistakes, were very clearly stated. What was so amazing about that, was that anyone paying attention knew exactly what he was talking about, and you could visibly see Cheney and Bush wince, when the cams hit their faces for reaction shots...He nailed their asses, and he did so with class.

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The speech was good, but not one of his best.


Is anyone else annoyed during his speecheswhen he does that folksy twang thing on the last word of every sentence/phrase? Like "God bless America". It sounds so phoney & annoying. Like there's some southern preacher tring to leap out of him. It was abnormally evident in his inaugural speech. But beyond that, the speech itself was pretty good but thought he could have done better.


Better are just rhetoric and words. Time for the action. I'm happily suprised today to see him in a press conference announcing salary freezes for all his senior White House staff, and he announced/signed some pretty strict new rules against lobbying within his staff.


I was a skepctic, but I think this guy could turn to be the living awesome shit afterall.

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I don't live in Saskatchewan you idiot.


p.s. i read today that Canada is deporting some Iraq war resisters back to the U.S. So this isn't the land of U.S. refugees that some may think. though if anyone but the Conservatives were in power i doubt they'd be getting the boot.

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