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Jack Layton Is A Jackass - Plans To Vote Against Budget No Matter What

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From The Ottawa Citizen.


New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton made clear that his MPs are poised to vote against the budget regardless of what's in it because he doesn't trust Mr. Harper.


"If the Liberals decide to support Mr. Harper, I have to tell them they should know this -- they will be doing it alone," Mr. Layton said in a speech to his parliamentary caucus.


Way to have an open mind. Can't you at least PRETEND to try to work with the gov't?? Frustrating.


(edit: oops sorry meant to post this in Politics forum)

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obviously this is about getting harper out of his position. layton is just admitting it. i don't blame him, i would do the same thing. if he's not voting against harpers stupid budget, he's voting no on something else that he thinks is stupid - and there is plenty.

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this is the sort of fundamentalism that breaks my heart. conservative idealogies are a cancer on the face of a race MADE to evolve, but jack layton did really drop the ball for his last election

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