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Matthew Better Hurry Up.

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I think I have a couple of the demos but I have not listened to them very much. Once or twice in the last few months since he put them up. I haven't heard more than half of them. I'd rather be surprised as well.

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I am waiting patiently, you can't rush greatness.


on the money. i don't want to rush the guy... especially since hospital music was so good. it'll be hard to follow up. i haven't heard any of the demos on purpose. when he released practically every song from HM as a demo first, i think it kinda spoiled the album a bit for me. like, i think hearing the demos so often contributed to why i wasn't listening to hospital music 5 months after it was released. i got bored of it.

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I'm personally trying to avoid demos just because I want to be completely surprised when I hear the album. Sometimes when I hear demos I judge the album version. There have been cases where I like a demo more than the album version. That being said, I'll probably listen to the demos AFTER the album comes out and I've had time to let it sink in.

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