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I am interested in buying a webcam because I want to record myself playing guitar for uploads to facebook or youtube or whatever...


I'm told that webcam mics suck in general, but I really have no clue. Someone told me I can record video with the webcam and audio with whatever mic I have plugged in. Is that an accurate assessment?


Any advice on what to buy/the proper setup for what I need?


I'm using Windows Vista btw.



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Yes, you can record the audio from another source and put them together. That's probably your best bet. Most webcams do 640x480 (vga) at 29.97 fps. You can get higher res if you are willing to pay for it. For a microphone I can't really speak, I'm not that much of a mic pro.

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If you need a camera anyway, you could get a digital with video capability...instead of directly recording to the PC you just record it on the camera and transfer later. It'll probably exclude the 'use a seperate mic' thing, but my Canon S3 IS gets acceptable sound pickup from the built-in mic, though it also records with almost no compression. I'm not sure of the quality for music and whatnot, but youtube tends to ruin the sound and video anyway with it's own compression.

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