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Matthew Good Elimination

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1)Strange Days 22

Life Beyond The Minimum 1 <--- I'm surprized it scored a 1 at all. I guess this puts Strange Days in #1 spot for the time being.


2)Load Me Up 15

I Miss New Wave 8


3)The Rat Who Would Be King 17

Comfy Criminals 6


4)Fall of Man 17

Ex-Pats 6


5)Under The Influence 15

Alabama Motel Room 8 <-- I voted for UTI.. but I was kinda hoping AMR would win also.


6)Running For Home 19

Carmelina 4 <---- maaan RFH is killing the competition.. it's clearly starting where it left off. ouch!



All righty, now that I found the excel file with the tournament from the Double Life.. I thought I'd add some spice to the stats by showcasing

what the songs did in the "Double Life Message Board" tournament


Group B

1) She's Got a New Disguise vs Giant

<I>--- She's Got a New Disguise went 5-9, bowing out in the first round to Near Fantastica

--- Giant went 53-29, making it to the vote off round, where it was voted out, making it the #5 rank song. </I>

My Pick: Giant

Prediction: Giant in a land slide.


2) Indestructible vs The Fine Art of Falling Apart

<I>--- Indestructible had a record of 4-14, losing to Apparitions in the first round.

--- The Fine Art of Falling Apart went 25-28, losing to Sort of a Protest Song in round 3 </I>

My Pick: Indestructible

Prediction: FAoFA did surprizingly decent last time (defeating 21st Century Living and Future is X-Rated) so I'm guessing this.


3) Generation X-Wing vs Radio Bomb

<I>--- Generation X-Wing finished 4-7, losing to I, The Throw Away in round 1.

--- Radio Bomb also finished 4-7, losing to Change of Season in round 1. </I>

My Pick: Radio Bomb

Prediction: Radio Bomb.. I just think more people like it better.


4) Can't Explain vs Everything is Automatic

<I>--- Can't Explain is making it's debut in this tournament.

--- Everything is Automatic went 5-9, losing to Failing The Rorschach Test in a shocker in round 1. </I>

My Pick: Everything is Automatic

Prediction: EIA in a massive landslide.


5) Blue Skies Over Badlands vs Suburbia

<I>--- Blue Skies Over Badlands is making its debut in this tournament.

--- Suburbia finished an amazing 80-56, and had the 5th highest win percentage, only to lose in the finals! </I>

My Pick: Suburbia

Prediction: Suburbia wins by somewhat a landslide.


6) I, The Throw Away vs Raygun

<I>--- I, The Throw Away finished 10-19, losing to Omissions of the Omen in round 2.

--- Raygun finished 4-7, losing to Weapon in the first round.</I>

My Pick: I, The Throw Away

Prediction: Raygun.. a lot of people here like the upbeat stuff.

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3) GENERATION X-WING (are you kidding me? this is such a wicked song, and freakin' amazing live!)


5) SUBURBIA (best.song.ever)

6) I, THE THROW AWAY (drooling)



god, i love this.

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(sorry for the post in group A, i hadn't seen that the result was posted here... ;) )


ok, now for this second group:


1) Giant

2) Indestructible

3) Radio Bomb

4) Everything is Automatic

5) Blue Skies Over Badlands (very hard one this one)

6) I, The Throw Away

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