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Hello Time Bomb "solo"

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Hey there.

I was wondering if anybody has (or has come close) nailed the noise solo in Hello Timebomb. i've been trying to figure that bitch out for years, but can't find any information about it. I usually just mess around with a whammy pedal and wah, but it doesn't sound close. I've also tried messing with the feedback/delay time knobs on a few different delays, but that gives you more of the Radiohead Karma Police outro.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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it's analog delay feeding back on itself when dave changed the delay time/intensity manually with the knobs, a $30 behringer will get you pretty close. it was either a boss analog delay or an ibanez, but i can't remember, i would lean towards the ibanez as it is basically the newer version of this pedal



(fast forward to about 5:45)

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