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well at least bishop knows what's up.


sure, the riff is repetitive, but it's a pretty solid riff. that solo is also pretty killer.


this song makes me sad that RHCP are the only band to have outlived the whole "funk-metal" thing, and look at what they're doing now. cunts.


i like how the ad in this thread is for the commodores. is that the only all-black band google can think of?

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That's fucking hysterical, the commodores. (I happen to like them by the way)


A lot of those bands hung on as long as they could, but grunge just crushed the genre. RHCP survived because they were versatile enough to do so...and while I don't think their recent stuff is as good as the older stuff, (Freaky Styley and Mother's Milk are my favorite discs) They still show flashes of the funky brilliance that I fell in love with.

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Never heard of them until now, but that songs pretty fucking decent. Currently Youtube-ing their other songs.


i don't know much of their other stuff. i do know that they do a wicked cover of talking heads' "memories can't wait" but that's about it. let us know if you find something interesting.


these guys are still playing together, so there's probably a lot that youtube has to offer.

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