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Fans of Radiohead, Elliott Smith, and or Nick Drake who also find appeal in piano music (or different interpretations in general) should check out Christopher O'Riley. He has 2 albums featuring covers of Radiohead music on piano as well as an album each of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. The music is sometimes spot on, sometimes a bit more improvised and sporadic, but it always pleases my ears. The emotion of each tune really seems to come out in a different way on the piano. As a piano player myself, I can't help but draw inspiration from such an artist who finds interest in presenting something in a different way and doesn't feel tied down to classical pieces, if you know what I mean.


Here are some examples:


(Radiohead - Karma Police)


(Elliott Smith - Waltz #1)


(Radiohead - Exit Music for a Film)


This music definitely helped me through college, let me tell you.


So check it out and say whatcha think.

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heard the radiohead cover album a few years back. i think it came out in 03 or 04? anyways, it was pretty good, but a bit of a novelty. if i want to hear "knives out," i'll just listen to it. his work is worth a listen though. he puts a lot of effort into his interpretations, and for the most part, they sound pretty decent.

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Cool, thanks ;)


He actually does a radio show called "From The Top" where he plays live music from time to time. I have some recordings he posted on his site from the show.

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