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"If he wings again...

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Hope this is the feeling of most Americans and Bush doesnt win...




From The Outside Looking In


“If he wins again I’m leaving the country.”


In the last five months I have heard the above statement come out of the mouths of complete strangers on no less than six occasions. While walking my dogs I often end up talking to a variety of people at a nearby park, many of who are American tourists. And not some - but all that I have spoken to have let escape those seven words.


If, in November, the people of the United States re-elect George Bush they will be sending a clear message to the world, one of unapologetic unilateralism.


It has become almost futile to try and detail the deceits and ulterior motives of the “war on terror”, a subject which Bush supporters view as having no room for the most American of qualities - dissent. If the voting majority of Americans end up supporting George Bush in November, the rest of the world will know where the United States and its people stand.


That is to say, apart.

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that is another of the lies they try to tell us, it doesnt really give more power to minorities because Hispanics, for example, normally vote Democrats

yeah, a large percentage of all minorities in the US vote Democrat, including blacks.


And i hate the "all or none" state voting system they have in the US. They should have like in Canada where you vote by region or something. I feel bad for, say, a republican who lives in California because their vote will never ever matter because its such a Democrat state.

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Yea, but sometimes you can't blame the citizens for being apathetic. Look at the choices from the recent Federal Election.


Stephen Harper (Bend me over the table, Georgie!)

Paul Martin (vindictive prick)

Jack Layton (ummm...I think he's capable of killing someone)


There's almost always an independent to give your vote to, and maybe send a message to the big time politicians

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QUOTE (Crusader @ Sep 1 2004, 03:01 AM)

He won't win. If he does... he'd have to have cheated again.


As sad and terrifying as it is to admit, Bush could very well win the election. It's a very unnerving thought indeed. God knows what could happen to the world in the next 4 years if he's re-elected. Frankly, I don't even want to think about it.

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