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The Da Vinci Code

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So hurrah for The Da Vinci Code is awesome. It only took me a year to get off my ass and read it. I thought it might be overrated, or not able to live up the hype, but damn it it was so damn good.


On that note: I prefer Angels and Demons. Possibly because I hadn't heard much about it and it doesn't get nearly the publicity as it's sequel. But Vittoria beats the hell out of Sophie any day and I love random old Catholic Church myths and stuff.


So...what'd you think? Have you read it? Does it deserve the publicity it gets or not?

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I liked Angels and Demons better than The Da Vinci Code personally; I thought that the action sequences that Brown wrote about in that one were faster paced.


On a side note, I liked Digital Fortress better than both of them. It had solid technology references and the ending jives well with the beginning.

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