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okay, i haven't seen the video, I just saw the blurb on Much, they said that in the video he makes fun of Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Ashley Simpson.

I predicted this a while ago in my thread.

This video will be "funny" and have a lot of hollywood starlets pissed off.

if you're offended, don't worry

his next video will be a sympathetic one about his mom and how she is trying to rip him off.

OR it will be about his ex how she took his kid and he really wants to see him.;

has anyone seen the new one????

am I right, or am I right?

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Holy SHIT. I thought you were all exaggerating. Eminem used to be a pretty decent rapper, but DAMN that song is terrible.


Edit: On the plus side, it encouraged me to go listen to some Dre.

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you get yourself too worked up over a new Eminem song, when really... who cares either way?


You don't like it, the good thing is you never have to watch it or listen if so. Turn off the Radio/Close the YouTube Link/Turn the Channel.


Fact is, you watched already, he's already won. You'll hear it 1000 more times, oh well.

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I quite liked Eminem's early stuff, but I'd lost interest by the release of The Eminem Show (maybe even grown out of him - but I still think of them as genuinely decent songs; setting them apart from the vast majority of my other pre-teen favourites, but I'm digressing...) and it has to be said: he's released some truly dire stuff since, this included.

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