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New Song Preview (24 Hours Only...)

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I know I said I would resist listening to any previews.....but Silent Army is quickly becoming a favorite and I just couldn't resist.


Pretty awesome, though I prefer the way he sang "outside" during some of his acoustic shows when he would drop the note a bit. Oh well.

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Anton hasn't chimed in yet, but if anyone does convert it to mp3, keep it off the boards. Matt would be furious (and justifiably so).


Thanks for getting that out there. Yes, we here at the NF community certainly don't support that behaviour.

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I also prefer the acoustic, but I have a feeling once this is mastered and perfected I'll like it just as well.


It's too bad he didn't record any b-sides during the sessions (at least to my knowledge), though he could always do an acoustic recording at home if he really wanted.

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