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Surprised there's no thread, or even mention here of Mad Men (well, unless the search feature is fucked) ! I thought for sure its topic would be in amongst these long lists of programmes I've never seen. Anyway, surely some of you must have seen this ? Maybe you were all talking about it two years ago, when it started ?


For the unfamiliar: it's a drama series set in the 60's, about the workings inside a New York advertising company and the peculiar lives of those working there. It's a bit of a slow-burner, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - I found it refreshing to watch a series that's in no rush to throw out major drama and plot-twists, and just stick to the believable.


There's also the fact that the characters, the set, the script all remain consistently brilliant. I've watched both series in just two days - well and truly glued to it. The third series has been reported as 'summer 2009' according to it's wiki, so shouldn't have too long a wait, thank fuck !

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