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Chuck - It's On During House

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If you haven't seen this show yet, you should give it a try. Chuck is about... well it's about a guy named Chuck who works at a store much like BestBuy who one day receives a strange e-mail that embeds all of the world's spy secrets into his brain. He's eventually assigned two handlers, Sarah Walker and John Cassey, in order to protect him from being captured by enemy hands. It's rank full of pop culture and nerdiness. Not to mention, explosions and beautiful women. Buster from Arrested Developmentir?t=nearfantascom-20&l=ur2&o=15 also ends up in the cast in Season 2.


It might not get renewed for a third season but you should watch it anyway because of Yvonne Strahovski!



yvonne-strahovski.jpg yvonne_strahovski.jpg



Adam Baldwin from Firefly is in it too and he's still awesome.


Enjoy this montage.




It's a great show. If you've been watching it

last night's episode was actually pretty moving. Especially the things that happened between Chuck and Sarah.



Also very spoilery but this is the best love scene I've seen on tv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jTL6QMB4lk

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I stopped watching the show about halfway through the second season because I couldn't deal with the bullshit "will they/won't they"drama between Chuck and Sarah. I know that one day they'll hook up and then break up and blah blah blah. I liked the first season because it was a geekfest with drama in the background, but now it's done a flip-flop.

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Sorry about that, thought it was common knowledge.


Oh man Yvonne Strahovski is a stone cold fox. Too bad no woman out there is remotely close to her character on the show lol.


I avoid spoilers at all costs, including commercials and that little "next week on Chuck" thing they have at the end of the episode. I like to not know what's going to happen on my shows until it's on and happening. Also, Yvonne IS hot.




What would you call it if you were getting jacked off by Yvonne Strahovski?

Heat stroke!




I'm not funny.

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