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Into The Wild?

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Edit: Pfft, too short my ass


Come to think of it, why am I even here? I thought I gave up this message board crap years ago. At least you guys seem like you aren't tools




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Yeah, I was delighted - but pretty surprised - to see you were writing for the Guardian. I read your article on the Olympics, where it's easy to sympathise (as we're facing pretty much the exact same issues in spending billions on something only a minority want that could be far better spent on one of the many failings in Britain today, that actually affect everyone) and yet even there you can witness personal attacks on Matt.

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now if only matt would visit pittsburgh. PNC Park is beautiful this time of year and we have the best hockey team in the NHL.


You just had to trade McClouth to the Braves for a bag of balls, huh?

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