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Looking For A Particular Type Of Music

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OK, so I want some chill rock with a female vocalist, maybe with some strings. I'm looking for a slightly jazzy feel (triplet vibe in the drums, perhaps?) but no smooth-jazz bullshit or super boring and minimalist Bright Eyes style stuff. Should be relatively contemporary. Imagine something that would be playing at Chapters or Starbucks or something.


I CANNOT find any bands that fit the above description, and I've scanned 3 different "streaming radio" sites. Posting youtube links in this topic would be awesome.


I love you all.

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so basically you're looking for something that's portishead, but not, because i know you're already very aware of them.


the criteria you gave is totally thievery corporation territory:




have you listened to lamb before?


but not all of their stuff is this downtempo.


zero 7? they're fairly well-known, and a bit lame, but it can't hurt to include them here.



the very sexy & funny lovage?



maybe you want a little bossa nova? that's very coffee shop. nouvelle vague?



bjork does a lot of this kind of stuff too, but it's obv. a bit weirder. nothing specific really comes to mind, so i won't post a video, but she's worth looking into.

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This chick does a bunch of Radiohead covers all jazzy like. Don't mind the pictures of Bones.


Hope it doesn't qualify as too smooth or boring, but it's the first thing I thought of ;)

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Thanks to both of you for the recommendations!


Chris: Neko Case is alright, but a little too folky and not jazzy or stringy enough. But thanks!


Michael: Thanks for sharing so much! Thievery Corporation is pretty close to what I was looking for, though the drums are still standard rock/trip hop. If you could somehow blend them, the untacky parts of Zero 7, and Nouevelle Vague, you'd probably have what I was looking for. But every band you posted is awesome, and I'll be checking them all out further (except maybe Zero 7). I am really digging Lamb after a few listens, so I'll have to check out more by them. Do you know Elsiane? I feel like you'd really enjoy them as it's the best chill female trip hop I've ever encountered. Lamb also reminds me of the good parts of Hooverphonic.


Modifying my search criteria: In my oringal post I understated the jazyness because I didn't want to be getting things with a ton of saxophone solos and stuff, but try to think just a little bit jazzier than these tunes. <3 you all.


Edit: Gomo, didn't see your post! I'm listening to it now.


Edit again: It's quite enjoyable! And very close to what I'm looking for. Just a bit faster tempo and we're golden. If you like that song/vibe you may enjoy this tune:


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Awesome, thanks man.


If anyone's familiar with Sondre Lerche, I just realized that what I'm looking for is a female vocalist doing something very akin to his album "Duper Sessions." Imagine it being a little less jazzy and a little more poppy, but with a chill vibe. Imagine if it were strings, rather than piano-driven. A tune from that record:


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