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Sarah A

Michael Jackson Rushed To Hospital

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Yeah. He totally died.


I'm kinda in shock. He's been so sickly and gross for so long, but at the same time, I never really thought/could imagine he'd die.




It's not a good time for celebs right now. First David Carradine...then Farrah Fawcett this morning...and then MJ just now? That's crazy...

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wal-mart last night, this asshole was talking too loud on his cell phone.

"did you hear Michael Jackson Died? yeah, they say a Boy Scout bus parked in front of his mansion, and it was too much for him. hahaha"

Now, I have no problem with jokes that are too early after a celebrity's death, but I fucking hate bad jokes.

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Personally I don't think any of the jokes are funny or appropriate. Growing up idolizing him, and having three different colored thriller jackets, and three different colored beat it jackets, the sequined glove, the hat, the jheri curl, I still have the trophy from when my middle school chorus won the state competition singing "We Are The World", and the whole nine...I remember thinking he was going to live forever. As I got older, I still liked his music, and even as his life got stranger and stranger, I held out hope that he would come back and be all the things he was to the world when I was a kid.


So I am not even going to sit here and lie and say, I didn't cry when I heard. He was an important part of my childhood, my strongest and earliest memory of music being important to me was when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I used to play my mom's Jackson 5's greatest hits 8Track over and over...


And yes I had the Farrah Fawcett poster too... it was a very sad day, and I think no matter what we may have thought of him, or the things he's done, it is not appropriate to speak ill of the dead, particularly someone who changed the world in the ways that he did.

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