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Title says it all. Mine (though order gets random after the first few):


1. Metallica

2. Matthew Good

3. Black Sabbath

4. Neil Young

5. U2

6. Iron Maiden

7. Beastie Boys


k can't think of solid last 3 so i'll just add Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen (though he sucks the last 10 years), and The Beatles.

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1. Matthew Good

2. Megadeth

3. Broken Social Scene

4. Slayer

5. Ministry

6. Dead Kennedys

7. Radiohead

8. Sonic Youth

9. Nine Inch Nails

10. There's a million that could have this spot, but I'll go with Dinosaur Jr. just because any other artist with >3-4 albums is hard to put in a top 10 because they may turn out to suck nuts later in their careers.

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1. The Smashing Pumpkins

2. Matthew Good / Band

3. Nobuo Uematsu

4. Coldplay

5. Goo Goo Dolls

6. Radiohead

7. Yes

8. Christopher O'Riley

9. Alice in Chains

10. Ryan Adams


It pains me to leave off Rush and related amazingness.


The Goo Goo Dolls were the first band I ever found on my own when I was a young teenager and they are a sentimental favorite of mine to this day.

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01: The National




02: Wolf Parade




03: Bonnie Prince Billy




04: Shearwater




05: Nick Cave




06: Patrick Wolf




07: Radiohead




08: Interpol




09: The Decemberists




10: Hot Chip



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Of all time?


1) Matt Good

2) Wintersleep

3) Foo Fighters

4) Lifehouse

5) Blue Rodeo

6) Brand New

7) AoE/Limblifter/Whatever happened to that Dahle solo thing?

8) Taking Back Sunday

9) Bush

10) Tom Petty



Everything after 1 & 2 is in no particular order

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think julianzz and shade both have great lists


here's what seems to come up the most in iTunes


> Amon Tobin


> Andrew Bird


> Blur


> Elbow


> Flight of the Conchords


> Matthew Good?


> R.E.M.


> Radiohead


> Sigur R

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