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Do You Agree With The Following?

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Can "great" bands truly become more than 'Just a band?"

The Beatles... Were just a band.

Led Zepplin... Just a band.

The Beach Boys... Just a band.

The Sex Pistols... Just a band.

The Clash... Just a band.

Crass... Just a band.

Minor Threat... Just a band.

The Cure... Just a band.

The Smiths... Just a band.

Nirvana... Just a band.

The Pixies... Just a band.

Oasis... Just a band.

Radiohead... Just a band.

Bloc Party... Just a band.

The Arctic Monkeys... Just a band.

Personally, I think Radiohead is just a band, recorded a couple good tunes. and that's where it ends for me.

has a band changed your or anyone else's life?

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Not really. These bands have made some great music, affecting millions of people's lives. The Smiths are an obsession of mine, and have brought a significant amount of joy to my life that I'd have difficulty describing them as "just a band". If you're getting all objective about it, then sure, they're just bands - but then why stop there ? Just a film/just a book/just a television programme/just a painting/just a sport etc.


These various forms of entertainment can - and do - bring a lot of pleasure, excitement and even meaning to what can be at times, a very mundane existence.

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I don't agree either. There is too much music in my life to have created an effect on me. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden are two of the bands that I listened to the most growing up in the 90s, the grunge then has an effect on the music I listen to now. Pearl Jam with their opening acts they use on stage has led me to find great indie bands back then and now. Soundgarden made me realized that a lead singer is an actual instrument, and lead me to bands that feature strong singers. So these are not "just bands" they are a gateway to deeper musical appreciation.

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The Beatles are more than just a band. So many bands have based sounds, and styles off them. They are the ones who I think really changed the face of music, and they are not the only ones, bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, and even the Grateful Dead changed music as well. Great example of The Who changing music is Ex-Pats by Matthew Good the whole song sounds just like a Who track. Even the new Muse song I have heard, if I didn't know any better I swear it would be a lost copy of some old Queen song. Once again these are not just bands, but bands that have changed the face of rock music.

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