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Conspiracy Theory!

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Has anybody ever noticed that Underdogs, Beautiful Midnight had the same single type pattern?




Everything is Automatic (Rock)

Indestructible (Rock)

Apparitions (Soft)

Rico (Rock)




Hello Time Bomb (Rock)

Load Me Up (Rock)

Strange Days (Soft)

The Future is X-Rated (Rock).


And I think they were going to do that same thing with Audio of Being. They already had Carmelina and say the Fall of Man for exemple. They then asked Matt to add two songs which were Antipop and Truffle Pigs. So maybe the single pattern, if the band hadn't slip up, would've been


Carmelina (Rock)

The Fall of Man (Rock)

Truffle Pigs (Soft)

Antipop (Rock)


Conspiracy? I don't know...maybe not...


Interesting fact? Not even...


Have I got time to lose? Yup!

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CoN: I agree :angry:


AoB: Nah those are easily edited...:angry:


It could be edited, true, but really it would gut the song IMO. I mean, "...don't you even (2 seconds of silence) think it", " to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaat (blank)". To eat what now?


Also, Matt has said on this board that record companies rarely know what they're planning on releasing as the second single, much less the third or fourth. I think they just play it by ear, testing the waters for what they think would do well as a single, then release it. Besides, the pattern with MG solo singles (at least on Avalanche and White Light) has been one rocker and one ballad (Weapon and Catastrophe, Alert Status Red and It's Been A While).


I'm betting we would've seen Under The Influence over Fall Of Man.


C'mon now, let's stick to the plan ;)


...yeah that was bad...oh well.

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