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The Canadian Assassination

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I still find the concept of attacking politicians with pie to be mildly hilarious. I can only assume that trying to same thing with an american president, governor, senator, etc would result in a shooting, followed by much more jail time if you survived.


Ok, it's not really that political, but I don't care.

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This guy says exactly what I think:


"I don't really understand why she gets 30 days, while a drunk off duty suburban Vancouver cop gets no jail time for a prolonged, unprovoked, random attack on a newspaper delivery man in which he got two fellow officers to join in and threatened bystanders who tried to intervene. Different laws for different folks."

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We've got a solid history of pie throwing at politicians. I believe Stephan Dion has been hit twice.




Nevermind, I guess that article pretty much sums up our pie history.


The cop didn't get 30 days for several reasons.


1. He's a cop.

2. Being drunk/under the influence is a mitigating factor in most crimes...

3. Probably his 1st offense, which usually just means a fine/community service...

4. Lots of other factors that we probably don't know about.


Even people charged with manslaughter don't get jail time for being drunk and it being their first offense.


Jk, they probably get jailtime, but you get the point.

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3. Probably his 1st offense, which usually just means a fine/community service...

You think the woman in the article is a serial pie-thrower ? Pie throwing is so inoffensive I'm actually more inclined to believe this is her first offense.


Ms. Phan pulled the pie out of a bag, but was grabbed by a security officer. She attempted to lob some creamy filling at Mr. Stelmach, but Sheriff Hady Hammoud ended up wearing the bulk of the dessert as he intervened to stop the attack.

All in all an utter fail, then.


I didn't realise Canada had such an extensive history in "pie-tossers". ;) The article doesn't explain why they were thrown though. Obviously a disapproval of the politician, but surely some were sparked by specific proposals ?

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The Canadian Assassination? More like the Canadian terrorism...




An MP from Newfoundland and Labrador says Monday's incident in which the federal fisheries minister was hit in the face with a pie should prompt Ottawa to look into whether PETA, an international animal-rights group, should be labelled a terrorist organization.


Gerry Byrne, the Liberal MP for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, said the behaviour of the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which has claimed responsibility for the pie attack, was threatening, intimidating and puts seal hunters at risk.


"There has to be a review whether or not PETA has crossed the line now by attacking a federal minister of the Crown for the purpose of public intimidation of an office holder," Byrne told CBC News.


Police charged a 37-year-old woman with assault after she hit Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea in the face with a pie at an event in Burlington, Ont.


Shea was delivering a speech at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters when Emily McCoy of New York City stood up in the front row, walked up to Shea and pushed the pie, made of soybean curd, into her face.


PETA said McCoy is a member of PETA who is protesting what the group calls "the government's ill-advised sanction of the seal slaughter."


In October, McCoy was charged with trespassing in Charlottetown in connection with a PETA event that disrupted a lunch hosted by the Fisheries Council of Canada. Shea's staff is reviewing security precautions for the minister.


Definition cited


Byrne said Canada's Criminal Code describes a terrorist organization as any group that disrupts lawful activities to commit an act for political, religious or ideological purposes, and that causes the public to be intimidated.


He said Monday's incident could be a test case to try to label PETA as a terrorist group, putting a stranglehold on PETA's ability to raise money.


"It would be illegal to make funds, to contribute funds, to what is termed a terrorist organization," Byrne said.


"It would also severely restrict the movements between borders, between Canada and the U.S., of PETA members, especially their executive, and it would cause a matter of surveillance to occur of PETA members who would be labelled as members of a terrorist organization."


Strengthened resolve

Shea said she is not daunted by getting a pie in the face.


"I can tell you that this incident actually strengthens my resolve to support the seal hunt," she said. "If this is what it takes to stand up for Canadian sealing families and this industry I'm certainly very proud to do it."


Shea said she believes the attack on the seal hunt is just the beginning, and other industries will become targets.


I have no love for PETA, but this is utterly ridiculous.

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Yeah, while I'm sympathetic to PETA's aims I do agree that they shoot themselves in the foot sometimes. But pie-throwing isn't terrorism, and to call it so is just laughable. It's like our government's recently had one of their documents leaked where they listed eco-activists alongside terrorists. ;)


Now, Animals Liberation Front - that could legitimately be called a terrorist group.

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