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Fall Tour 2009 (merged)

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What do you consider a small club, in terms of capacity? The Phoenix Concert Theatre in TO has a capacity of 1,000, and the average cost of a show there is $15 -$25. There are a few exceptions of course - I mean, who WOULDN'T pay $35 + service charges to see Collective Soul? But yeah Massey Hall (2,800 capacity), the (ugh) 'Kool Haus' (1600), the Sound Academy (approx 2600, and even deeper *shudder*) etc are usually about $25-$40 a pop.


Maybe I'm just so used to seeing $5-$10 shows four nights a week lately. I'll still be going to any MG show of course, but that ain't cheap in my books. Again, a string section on tour with them would be King!

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If you look through our concert listings in the past, you'll notice most of those shows over the last few years are $38. MG playing with a band costs him more and if you've noticed his latest tour decorations, that giant spotlight thing, he's probably trying to be as cost effective as he can lol. Ticket master also likes to take a large chunk of change out of everything.

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More from Live Nation:


Nov 25 - London, ON - Centennial Hall

Nov 28 - Kingston, ON - K-Rock Centre

Nov 30 - Kitchener, ON - Centre in the Square



Also, Ticketmaster:


Nov 14 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Centre



Apparently, Mother Mother is opening the tour.

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