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Fall Tour 2009 (merged)

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I'm getting screwed by these dates... I'm planning on being home in Saskatoon the week of the 24th... but he plays Saskatoon the week before. My vacation is predicated on American Thanksgiving, which gives me a 5 day weekend. So annoying... I might have to fly home via Winnipeg and stop a day there to catch the show on the 21st.

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we need a pre-sale code for getting them on ticketmaster?


ticketmaster also says there's no pre-sale for the ottawa date and just has tickets listed as on sale on friday rather than thursday...uhghhg

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Yep, a reminder for people to read the threads! Most of what you want to know, like secret pre-sale codes is written down ;).


edit: also about to add a show at the EnCana.


Maybe someone "in the know" can clarify the Vancouver concert sale dates. The Ticketmaster websites says Thursday September 17 http://www.ticketmaster.ca/Matthew-Good-ti...s/artist/730038



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Haha! Not a bad idea, Dan. Toronto is what, 2 or 3 hours from Buffalo?


I'll never forget the flight home from Buffalo after that 2007 acoustic show. Missed my connection flight because of fog...which led to flying from Buffalo to Philly to Washington D.C. back up to New York City. What a day that was. Totally worth it though.


I'm interested in the Toronto show because it's relatively close, I know people in Toronto and Matt Good always seems to put on really kickass shows there.

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ANYONE have a pre-sale code for the Victoria show? Pre-sale goes on sale tomorrow!! I am shitting the bed!!!!!!



EDIT- Ohhh *Vancouver*...gawd I hope it is Vancouver for all pre-sales....thanks guys...!!

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I just bought tickets for Calgary. Vancouver is *not* the livenation pre-sale code. I googled it and came up with "Hollywood" and that worked. I'd give that a try.<br />



I had to do this as well. Mezzanine row C are not bad tickets at all. Great view of the stage actually, from what I remember when I saw West Side Story in the same place.

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