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B Gallagher

Hospital Music Description On Itunes

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If this isn't appropriate to be discussed (and I understand if it may not be) then that's totally fine. Anyway...


I just saw this on the newly-redesigned iTunes Music Store under the review for Hospital Music:


"... In the summer of 2006, following a divorce and a growing period of emotional instability, Good attempted suicide via an overdose of sleeping pills..."

From what I've read/seen online, Matt has always been fairly open about the events which lead to his hospitalisation, and while I'm aware that he's said he overdosed on sleeping pills, I've never heard him or anyone else refer to it as a suicide attempt. ;) Can anyone else confirm if I'm remembering this correctly or not? If the information on the iTunes page is incorrect then I'd certainly like to make them aware of it.


Many thanks in advance. :angry:

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It's a little bit confusing. One specific HM interview painted it as a suicide attempt, but then Matt later insisted it was just an accident, saying that he took more pills because he couldn't remember taking the previous doses. It became hard to tell if the the reporter was simply twisting the story or if it really was a suicide attempt (he seemed pretty specific about it being an accident).

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