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little miss sunshine

I'm Back And Married!

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Hey Everybody,


Apparently I haven't been on the bored since July 3rd. I got married on August 15th and then went on our honeymoon to Jamaica.


Overall, the day was fantastic and now I'm settling into married life with the husband.


If anyone is interested, I'll try and post some pics maybe tomorrow.


Have I missed anything much around here? If someone could supply me with a brief synopsis, that would be fantastic.


Does anyone know, can I put pics in post using tinypic.com?

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To answer the sex questions...


Yes, my husband was a virgin as well. No, this did not lead to sucky honeymoon sex. The first time hurt a little and wasn't 'magical' but it was precious. He was very caring, considerate and concered for my physical well being. We are both very happy with our decision and still believe waiting was the best thing for us and strengthened other aspects of our relationship.


I am off to work so I will try and post one pic I have on another website. Hopefully it works.



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By request, here are some more pictures (I hope they are a better size, I'm new to this!)




I loved my pretty pink flowers








I've seen this type of pic done before and usually hated it. Surprinsingly, I like the way it turned out.








Looking lovingly at each other









It's garter time!

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