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Music Isn't As Good As...

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it was when you were in the 11th grade?

I sometimes (rarely) turn on MTV or the radio and I feel almost sad for the shit that the "kids" today are being told is good music. or all they can see is dating shows *edit: OR how you can become Paris Hilton's BFF or be the best dance crew (Canada or US)??*

11th grade it was MGB, Limblifter, Big Wreck and other great stuff.

anyone else wish to wax nostalgic with me?

*my age is showing* (25 years)

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"told what is good music"


i think kids can judge for themselves what they like or don't. people who love music will always find new bands, great bands.


if you're 25... you're about the same age as me and there was PLENTY of terrible music growing up. Especially high-school days... Limp Bizkit/Korn/Britney and the pop wave... horrible rap.


There's always good music, every decade, every generation.

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I didn't really listen to music til 2000 or something..and didn't really start searching for good stuff til 2005 and from what I've seen there tons of fantastic music out there right now...you just have to tune out all the shit on t.v. and search for some new creative stuff..

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You're just saying the same stuff your parents thought when they heard your music : )


The stuff you grew up with has faded out, sure there are some alt rock/grunge bands still kicking around but not like then. Plus you associate a lot of fond childhood stuff from "golden" years to that music.



I don't like most of the stuff on the radio these days in any capacity, either. Luckily there is the internet.

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