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Top 20 Songs To Introduce Mg To A Newbie.

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So I convinced my friend to go see Mr. Good with me. However, they don't know a lot of his music, perhaps hearing Apparitions, Hello Time Bomb, etc on the radio.


This person enjoys Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, etc. So rock, pop/rock. So they want me to give them a mix of MG/MGB songs to get them ready for the show.


So my question is, what would be any of your suggestions for a few songs to add to this list? Keep in mind a list of all epic 8-minute songs probably isn't the way to go (as much as that would be what I enjoy!). I want to get a good mix! It's so hard because Matt has such a wide variety of song styles!


I think I'll split it roughly up into rock singles, his more epic songs, and his lighter/acoustic songs.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, I want to convert this person into a new fan!

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Yeah, finboy's recommendations are good. I'd add WLR&RR, as I feel it's his most 'accessible' release (with the exception of Blue Skies). I wouldn't recommend anything off of Hospital Music unless it's just the singles and a few others, not that HM isn't great, but it's pretty intense and personal and first-time listeners might be scared off. You could always burn a mix CD of songs that you felt were good and that your friend might like (keep in mind that a lot of the more poppy or radio friendly songs likely won't be played this tour). Off topic: I enjoy Incubus (haha that's one of their EP's titles) and Jimmy Eat World as well. I wonder if your friend will notice the similarity between the intros to Jimmy Eat World's 23 and Everything Is Automatic (the songs are completely different after that).


I guess I'll do what the topic title asks ;)


1. Giant

2. Weapon

3. Prime Time Deliverance

4. Avalanche

5. Hello Time Bomb

6. Tripoli

7. Carmelina

8. 21st Century Living

9. Apparitions

10. Suburbia

11. We're So Heavy

12. Alert Status Red

13. Born Losers

14. I'm A Window

15. Load Me Up

16. Strange Days

17. Near Fantastica

18. Everything Is Automatic

19. Born To Kill

20. A Single Explosion


Also, Fought To Fight It is probably the most radio friendly tune off the new record.

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1. Giant

2. Load Me Up

3. Time Bomb

4. Anti-pop

5. Rico (sorry, i know it sucks but it is poppy)

6. Everything Automatic

7. Deep Six

8. Strange Days

9. PTD

10. Near Fantastica

11. App

12. Carmenlina

13. Man of Action

14. Weapon

15. Alert Status Red

16. Change of Season

17. Fall of Man

18. Future is X-Rated

19. Jenny's Song

20. Generation X-Wing

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You two basically have what I have it narrowed down to, plus or minus a few.


And while I have nothing against songs like Everything is Automatic or Rico, I definitely wouldn't want someone to fall in love with those and never know the awesomeness of Near Fantastica or Change of Season! I think I'll burn a mix CD or two, following these suggestions.


And I never noticed the similarity of 23 and Everything is Automatic until you mentioned it and I went and checked the CD. Very interesting. And yes, very different after the intro, haha.


Anyway, thank you very much! I lurked here for a long time, but I'm glad I signed up!

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