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Stargate Universe It Looks Awesome, What Do You Think?

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I never really watched Stargate anything, have seen bits of a few episodes. Same with Battlestar Galactica. From the trailer I've seen for this thing, it looks like they just wish they'd made BSG instead.

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You know, I wasn't impressed with Enterprise when it was on, but I've been watching reruns, and I've been enjoying it



HEATHEN! wait which one?


original? too campy for me

tng? - probably the best sci-fi show i've seen

quantum leap? - I tried to watch it during it's first run and just couldn't. I went back and watched on torrent. I liked the first two seasons. I didn't like that arc about the xindi or whatever, the time/space junk.


I've watched most of the original SG and all of atlantis...season 9/10 of the original were good, most of atlantis after the first season was brutal. I'll check out universe but my hopes aren't up.


SG always fails at keeping things fresh, instead of having some reoccurring villains, and themes while showing us what else is going on in their world. We get a re-hash over and over again with the same 3-4 groups rolling around, it sucks.

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Again, I wasn't that drawn to SG1, but now I watch the reruns and like it, I like Atlantis as well, I agree with the regular Villains though it would ad some intrigue to it.


I loved the original for it's campyness. Shatner was the shit. I agree that The original BSG, ST:TNG, and the new BSG were three of the smartest, finest Sci Fi TV shows ever.


I find I like Enterprise because it's actually pretty well written, and T'Pol should get in my shower in her uniform.


I won't give anything away, but Universe definitely seems to be ramping up to give us something more in the plotlines. It's very BSG in a lot of ways, it actually makes it very appealing.

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I liked it more than I thought I would...it was an excellent opening. Really hoping they go for the less serialized style, like a BSG or lost. Although I fear it will be a voyager meets BSG show to the point it will leave you force to draw that conclusion. But I can't wait for friday, so that's a huge plus!


rush was definitely no baltar but a cool is he good or bad kinda guy. the senators daughter is a very solid actress, I was moved by her "papa's be dying" scene. Both of the "kids" were very solid too.


lou diamond phillips? seriously? Kinda surprised one of the original cast or atlantis cast isn't in a permanent role.


What division were the black uniformed soldiers supposed to be?

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I think the stones are an ingenious little plot device to keep the fans of the previous shows involved.


I really liked this episode as well. I am curious about the assistance the Lt. got when he was just about to give up. Do you think it was the ship or the planet? Also what do you think happened to the two people who went through the gate to that other world. I hope they find that chick, she was cute. I kind of figured since Baltar had sex with her in a bathroom on BSG, Dr. Rush was going to get some too.

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lol agree on all points, bishopx..it's funny I wondered over to the imdb boards(I enjoy reality!) and it's a cluster**** so many hardline opinions one way or the other. It seems a lot of people don't like it, think it's too racy for stargate, too much like bsg etc etc etc...it's crazy.

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Show is something I wish I stumbled upon 3 years from now. It's slow moving in a good way, rather watching it all in a few sittings.


Like the idea of telford/lou diamond kinda coming on and stirring things up, but it makes no sense from a logical standpoint. If the team doesn't have much/any real ancient scientists wouldn't it make 10000000% more sense to send jackson or mckay or whomever back with the stones and help out ?


I like the cast for the most part, the premise while recycled is still worth watching.

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I agree on the Telford thing. It would make more sense to send a scientist back, rather than Telford to bitch the whole time. I had hoped for something better from the character. Personally, I would have preferred him as the officer on board. That whole sidetrack of the colonel going back to see his wife, was positively heartbreaking. I have to admit it was one of the best acted scenes not involving Dr. Rush, in the series so far. Dr. Rush's breakdown was by far the best. He out Baltared Baltar in that one. I want to know more about the dark haired chick with the amazing breasts. The one they were spying on. She is beyond Hot Chicks thread worthy.


Also, Amanda Tapping is wicked hot in Sanctuary...The black hair and the accent. DAMN

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