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Favourite Movies From The 00's

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My top-four movies of all time were all filmed in the 1990s (The Matrix, Gattaca, 12 Monkeys and The Game), so this list isn't as clear-cut for me as it could be. That said, I will go with (in no particular order):


The Dark Knight

Friday Night Lights (although the TV series was surprisingly even better, the movie is still awesome)


The Hurt Locker


LOTR Trilogy

The Wrestler


The Prestige

The Ring (every top-ten should have one scary movie in it, right?)

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The 00's had some amazing movies!


Lost in Translation

Up in the Air

World's Greatest Dad

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

500 Days of Summer

Garden State

Requiem for a Dream (I'm counting this as my scary movie!)

The Royal Tenenbaums

Gone Baby Gone

Definitely, Maybe



also: if you haven't seen World's Greatest Dad you should check it out. It's a dark comedy, and probably the best thing I've seen Robin Williams in.

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1. The Departed

2. No Country For Old Men

3. The Dark Knight

4. Cinderella Man

5. The Westler

6. There Will Be Blood

7. Million Dollar Baby

8. W.A.L.L.E

9. Inception

10. Star Trek


honorable mention:


The Cabin In The Woods

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

500 Days Of Summer


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I wish to add Moon to my list as well.


Not a bad movie. It did, however, kind of freak me out when he started to "fall apart."

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