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Matt Good At Ontario Shores Centre

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Did anyone else go see this?


It was actually pretty cool. It consisted of about an hour long interview of Matt basically telling his life story, and while he didn't really say a whole lot that he hasn't said before, it was nice to hear it all in chronological order and put all the peices together.


Then he sang Last Parade, Metal Airplanes, Born Losers and True Love Will Find You in the End.


After that there was a meet and greet with food and drinks, a silent auction, and they gave away 5 signed copies of Vancouver.


Some Photo's

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From a stricktly technical perspective it was a bit awkwards at times I guess, as he specifically mentioned the song wasn't really written for acustic, plus last night was the first time he'd played anything since he recorded the album in February (apparently this was longest he'd ever gone between playing), so there were a couple moments when he was a bit off.


But from a fan perspective it was amazing, I loved it, and I hope plays it acustically again sometime. Cause frankly if I wanted to hear him play something perfectly, I'd have stayed home and listen to the CD.

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