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Vancouver National Anthem Radio Edit?

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After reading a few other threads, it seems that some people think VNA would be a great single, but is just a bit too long. So I thought, if Weapon can be cut by more than a minute and become a successful single, can VNA as well?


Here's what I came up with: (4:49 in length)



Obviously some has been cut. I think though, that the main spirit of the song remains intact. Obviously (as others here have said) the purpose of a radio edit is to draw people to the album, it's not really for us. I think this would be a great single. It has a great guitar riff, and a very epic feel to it. I hope you like!

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That sounds good, but if the intro was gonna have that quick little drum solo, it would have to be improved as far as leading into the hard intro. Or if they even just went into the hard intro, that would be pretty cool. I could imagine hearing that on the radio, and I imagine people would dig it.

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