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Release The Full Massey Hall Acoustic Recordings!

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no probs, thanks for the pics to work with folks. I threw together a 'back' with track listing for kicks.




Anyone else feel the urge to sing 'Say it ain't sooo ah whoah-a-whoah!' when he gets into playing the chords of 99%?

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that's why the bootleg taped by someone, i believe it was from the balcony and actually pretty good in quality, was great.


Good eye. I was sitting in the first balcony about 2nd row if I remember correctly. My memory card ran out of space right as he ended the song, I was getting a little nervous as he kept singing "if I'm fated..." lol.


I would love it if that acoustic show ever got released, I'm excited after listening to bootlegs and watching bits of other videos I was able to get.


Fated stole the show, for sure.

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