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Last Parade: What Do The Lyrics Mean?

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from various interviews it seems it is about a city's last celebration before it's demise. this record is obviously about the greater vancouver area and matt's experiences with it. from what he has said in interviews, it seems that the city(ies) are so different from what he remembers them that they are reaching the end of the line and are transforming into something that flies in the face of everything they once represented.

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Definitely the last big hurrah until things hit shitter. It could be applied to anybody's home if they feel that way.


Also the whole "It's like we're taking pictures of a tidal wave, on the shore grinning 100 feet away" image is my favorite part. It's like we see something that's going to wipe us out and we just stand there thinking it's "so fuckin' cool! film this and put it on youtube and maybe we'll be famous!!!"

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